Cyclone Power Pullers Members

Every year, Iowa State has two teams that compete at the ASABE 1/4 Scale Tractor National Competition. These are the A-Team and the X-Team. The A-Team consists of students that have previously been involved with the competition and are usually in their junior or senior year of college at Iowa State. The A-Team designs and builds a 1/4 scale pulling tractor from scratch every year. The younger freshmen and sophmore members make up the X-Team. The X-Team redesigns the past year's tractor to improve its performance and design. These two teams share many of the same members and work in cooperation with each other. The leadership team is typically led by two to five senior design leaders, along with younger members. These leaders take the responsibility of designing and building the tractor to completion. To become a member of the Cyclone Power Pullers, email the team officers at [email protected].

For a complete team roster, please click on the link below:

2021-2022 Roster

2016-2017 Roster

2015-2016 Roster

2014-2015 Roster

2013-2014 Roster

2012-2013 Roster

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