21st annual International 1/4-Scale Tractor Competition

Join us at the 21st annual International 1/4-Scale Tractor Competition, May 31 - June 3, 2018 at the Expo Gardens Fairgrounds in Peoria, IL. Details can be found in the ASABE news release
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The Iowa State University Cyclone Power Pullers have competed in the ASABE 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition since its beginning in 1998. Over the years, many different challenges have been presented to the team. Team members have worked hard in the design, building, testing, competitions, and multiple presentations to a variety of audiences. Below is some of the team’s history and goals.

We are located out of Sukup Hall at Iowa State University. Come stop by sometime and take a look at our projects.
Our mission is to gain practical engineering experience through an engineering design project, the 1/4 scale tractor, to prepare for our future profession.
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